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Professional Masonry Color Matching
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Welcome to PBS Nationwide

PBSNationwide's innovative brick staining technology provides a permanent color matching solution for mismatched or discolored brick, block, precast and mortar.

Our Chem-Bond 2000 Brick Stain is used to solve dye lot issues by tinting or by completely changing the color of any masonry surface. Other uses for Chem Bond 2000 stain are to correct masonry repairs, graffiti removal, historic restoration projects,fire and smoke damage repair, retaining wall and hardscape coloration issues, and more.

Professional Masonry

Color Matching

With the best warranty in the industry, PBSNationwide services Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey and of course, Nationwide.

Call Us today at: 443-617-5244

Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide’s Commitment

When you trust us with your project, we assure you that we will only send a well trained color match expert to do your job. Our color specialists are trained a minimum of 3 years before being allowed to manage a brick staining project. We know it has to be perfect and that is what our customers have come to expect.

Our high standards allow us to provide you with the best warranty in the industry, 40 years!


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