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Professional Masonry Color Matching
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PBSNationwide's innovative brick staining technology provides a permanent color matching solution for mismatched or discolored brick, block, precast and mortar.

Our Chem-Bond 2000 Brick Stain is used to solve dye lot issues by tinting or by completely changing the color of any masonry surface. Other uses for Chem Bond 2000 stain are to correct masonry repairs, graffiti removal, historic restoration projects,fire and smoke damage repair, retaining wall and hardscape coloration issues, and more.

Professional Masonry

Color Matching

With the best warranty in the industry, PBSNationwide services Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Delaware, New Jersey and of course, Nationwide.

What Other People Are Saying

  • It’s incredible what you have done! The homeowner is very happy. Up close or far away, you can not see where the original mortar ends and the stained mortar begins. It looks fabulous! As a matter of fact the landscaping company wants you to give him a call, he has a job for you.  - Patrick Heavey, Owner, PH Renovations, Wayne, NJ
  • It is hard to find the right words to express how satisfied I am about the brick staining work your company did on my home.  The results are just amazing, unbelievable - like a dream come true.   No doubt you are the best in the business and were the best choice for me to make.
    Thank You for agreeing to take on my project.  You truly have a gift from God. - Bob C, Huntington, MD 

  • Ann and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you have done for us. Your work is like artwork. Who would have ever thought that someone could take a dirty old mismatched brick home that was built back in 1911 and perfectly match it to the addition that was recently added to our home? Our friends and family cannot believe their eyes. - William E. S., Harmony, PA

  • Thanks for your quick response to helping us out of a very difficult situation at the University of Maryland. They are a very important customer to us and it was great knowing that we could turn the difficult situation over to you and that everything would be taken care of quickly and professionally. Everyone on the job has commented on what a great job you did. - Ted Kelly, Sales Manager, Ernst Maier, Inc.          

  • Diener Brick Company has had great success with Preferred Brick Staining on our architectural jobs when the face brick or cast stone had to be refurbished. Their service has been outstanding! - Tony Gambino, Vice President, Diener Brick Company

  • Toni and I would like to thank you for the fantastic work you did on our house.  We were on our deck last night remarking how great the stained brick looks.  In fact, it is indistinguishable from the original brick.  Toni even said that had we not done this she would have been very disappointed with our overall remodeling/landscaping project. - Bob J Gibsonia, PA

  • We cannot thank you enough for turning our house back into a home.  We truly appreciate your professionalism, timeliness and stellar workmanship. The garage matched the house beautifully!  The brick on our 44 year old house consists of black, pink, white, red and mixes of each, so this was not an easy feat.  Our friends say the job was worth every penny and we wholeheartedly agree. - Jeff and Peggy B, Falls Church, Va

  • The addition to our home looks great!! You can't tell where the original house ends and the addition begins.  I must say it has taken a load off of my mind to know that this method really works.  Even though the builders tried to get a similar brick for our addition, it just was not the same -- your brick staining technology and  artistry really created a seamless addition for us. - Homeowner, Great Falls, VA

  • …the brick now looks new and the owner is extremely pleased with the outcome…I would highly recommend Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide... - Scott Havard, President, Tormee Construction, Inc.

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Preferred Brick Staining Nationwide’s Commitment

When you trust us with your project, we assure you that we will only send a well trained color match expert to do your job. Our color specialists are trained a minimum of 3 years before being allowed to manage a brick staining project. We know it has to be perfect and that is what our customers have come to expect.

Our high standards allow us to provide you with the best warranty in the industry, 40 years!

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